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Ceramic Tile Joint | Korean Products

September 22, 2020

[INQ. NO. 2009C19] Well-being Snail Grout can strengthen durability, prevent mold, save cleaning time, and reduce detergent use dramatically by using snail joint instead of white cement and silicon materials.
Well-being Snail Grout has antibacterial functions, strong durability of adhesive bond, far-infrared radiation effect, and comes in various colors. The company also owns a patent for ceramic tile joint agent and product performance evaluation (far-infrared radiant test, antibacterial test, adhesion strength and water repellent tests, environment test, risk test, SGS analysis).

The DIY package for direct construction contains other accessories as well as this product for convenient use without separate additional purchase, and there is also a professional package consisting of the product only for experts.
It consists of a total of 20 colors including new products so that consumers can select according to their own taste. The premium type contains healthful minerals such as Biotite and Tourmaline and releases anions and far-infrared radiation to provide functions beneficial to the human body including mold proofing, deodorization, increasing metabolism, and preventing various adult diseases. Also, the well-being type is environment friendly containing pure charcoal and red clay, and offers effects of anion and far-infrared radiation.

The newly introduced eco type consists of two colors: Americano and Cafe latte Eco type, and uses environmentally friendly pozzolan materials, contains nanoparticle natural mineral, and offers many benefits including intercepting veins of water and harmful electromagnetic waves, antibacterial mold proofing, far-infrared radiation. It is, therefore, gaining keen attention from overseas buyers in Taiwan, Singapore, and Vietnam. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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