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September 22, 2020


[INQ. NO. 2009C20] MOM’MAM Tteokbokki Sauce reproduces the ratio of the most wonderful ingredients in Tteokbokki with more than 20 secret recipes of food researchers. Unlike other counterpart products, it can be distributed in fresh cold storage through the minimization of using food preservatives. The product boasts the very best in quality, as pesticide residue and heavy metal were excluded beforehand through a strict quality control system, and even fine food pathogen was eliminated through a heating process.
The company has already concluded a contract with MAKRO the biggest mart in Thailand in the first quarter of this year, even in such a sluggish economy due to Covid-19, and has already exported over 20,000 packs of Tteokbokki sauce.
MOM’MAM tartar dressing contains a rich texture of foods, thick and savory mayonnaise, and is selling more that 150,000 packs per year, and is extremely popular for all kinds of vegetables and fried dishes due to the superior contents of its ingredients compared with other companies’ products.

Soy King sauce is a mix of thick soy sauce and sweet sauces, and it is being exported to Thailand distributers based on the reputation of “Suwon King Galbi Chicken” introduced in the movie, “Extreme Job.”
Citron dressing adds health to a fresh dressing and steps are in progress to open a shop with MAKRO in Thailand.
Since its establishment in 2015, IDO Co., Ltd. has joined industry-academia researches for tangerine dressing and low-salt soy sauce in order to introduce quality tangerine produced in Jeju Island, Republic of Korea, commercialized products, and the company has grown in the field of manufacturing and distribution, currently possessing over 2,000 recipes. The company has been certified by the Korea Venture Business Association and selected as a Promising Small and Medium Enterprise in Export.

This company’s products are supplied as food items to private brands, and distributed to food product marts throughout the nation. Also the products are supplied to food marts, meal services, hotels, and resorts all across the country under the company’s BI (Brand Identity), “Mom’s Mom,” and selling with great reviews in online markets, such as Coupang and Food All Market.
The company showed a 300% sales increase compared to last year, even in the Covid-19 situation in 2020.

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