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September 24, 2020

[INQ. NO. 2009C30] Korean Red Ginseng Extract Power Long Day Gold contains no other ingredient but 30% red ginseng extract and 70% pure water. It is a stick-type health functional red ginseng food that allows you to conveniently enjoy the deep and rich flavor of red ginseng concentrate.
It strengthens the level of immunity, improves fatigue, improves blood flow by suppressing cohesion of platelets, improves memory, and helps antioxidation by satisfying major functionalities of red ginseng.
Pomegranate Liquid is a pouch pack product that can be easily used and carried. Its ingredients are: 55% pomegranate juice (14% solid and 100% pomegranate from Turkey) that is rich with estrogen; 100% fructooligosaccharide; 6-year-old Korean black ginseng powder,etc. It multiplies beneficial intestinal bacteria which will normalize bowel movement, and it also contains fructooligosaccharide that helps body absorb calcium.

Currently it is sold in major department stores in Korea and exported to the USA, Japan, Vietnam, etc.
Black Pomegranate Liquid is a health drink that contains fructooligosaccharide and black ginseng powder (6 years old, 100% black ginseng, domestic) as the main ingredients using pomegranate juice from Turkey, a fruit known to be beneficial to women. It is a product packaged with a pouch for an easy take and carry.
The estrogen contained in pomegranate is beneficial for the health management of climacteric women, along with fructooligosaccharide that promotes bowel movements by proliferating beneficial bacteria in the intestine and helps absorb calcium.
As soon as launched this year, it has entered two major department stores in Korea, and is set to export to the United States in the second half. Custom packaging production is also available when an order is more than 5000, same as Korean Red Ginseng Power Long Day Gold. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods


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