Recyclable Eco-Friendly Artifi cial Turf

[INQ. NO. 2009C32] Etudeum is an old Korean word that combines “the best” and “tree.” This product prevents stains in the gap between the ground and the lower layer of artificial turf, removes foul odor from the gap, and it is an eco-friendly product that prevents generation of heat by suppressing the rise of surface temperature caused by sunlight.
Designed in a pumping structure that consists of a mono-type pad layer that solves the issue of ventilation and cushioning the lawn layer and the filling material, Etudeum can be quickly installed by anyone usingan easy and convenient installation process.

Eutdeum cleans the air as fine dust and nitrogen oxide generated by strenuous exercise are absorbed on the surfaces of artificial lawn thread and filling material, and the absorbed fine dust and nitrogen oxide are washed away by water. Eutdeum also prevents bugs, mildew, foul odor, pollution and stain, as the moisture is removed by circulation of air through the ventilation layer.
Made of high-density thread, Etudeum is soft ─ providing maximum safety by preventing injuries. It is KS-certified and has passed various certification tests – it is free from lead, cadmium, mercury, chrome, etc. Weaved using PE thread and PE cording, Etudeum is recyclable and cost-saving in the case of its removal.

Its specially dyed thread offers a natural lawn-like feel, and it offers excellent pullout strength, upright habit and drainage as its threads change their shapes.
Biland Co., Ltd. is an innovative manufacturer of eco-friendly artificial lawn that manufactures and installs top-quality products using professional manpower and facilities, and its skilled managers provide thorough quality checks of its products. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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