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October 20, 2020

[INQ. NO. 2010C42] Sensor-B is a smart toothbrush developed in the AI age. With the start of toothrushing, the toothpaste filled in a handle begins to extrude according to the movement of the bristles and applies it evenly to teeth without degrading its quality till the end of the toothbrushing. It is invented for effective toothbrushing by optimizing the pharmacological action of the toothpaste to enhance its cleaning action and to prevent any adverse effect from its chemical reaction.
All pharmacological factors in the toothpaste act directly on the teeth as the toothpaste extrudes selectively and applies only to the necessary process and area thanks to the innovative sensor technology embedded nozzle, which automatically senses the brushing area and processing step.

It performs effective toothbrushing with the minimum amount of toothpaste by optimizing its pharmacological action without degrading its quality till the end of the toothbrushing through direct action on the teeth.
The smart toothbrush has been developed in the AI age in order to use toothpaste more effectively and hygienically, preventing damages from either overuse or misuse, and enabling individual use instead of using it by charging the paste to the handle of toothbrush.
Besides, it is an eco-friendly product available for almost permanent use if changing the head, and can be used conveniently at any time and place by anyone without bothering to put the paste on the bristles of the brush every time.
Established in 2000, apoL Inc. has contributed to human oral health by developing world-class oral care products and smart toothbrushes for the AI age based on 30 years of toothbrush manufacturing experience and expertise of 11 partner companies. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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