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November 13, 2020[INQ. NO. 2011C25] Swingsit is a product that prevents sitting disease, designated as a new disease by the World Health Organization (WHO), thanks to its hip support swinging from side to side.
Sitting disease is caused by the habit of sitting for seven to eight hours a day or more. It can cause herniated cervical (lumbar) disc, turtle neck syndrome, arthritis, blood circulation disorders, as well as dulled insulin-related cell activity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and obesity. It also increases the risk of hyperlipidemia, which is why it is also called “the new smoking.”
Hip amnesia, though it is an unfamiliar name, is a disease that is common to modern people who sit in chairs for a long time. It was named as such, because the muscles in the buttocks and behind the thighs forgot how to work properly.

Swingsit is made in the same shape as an existing fixed chair, but with light and effective swing action, Swingsit corrects the bent position through light and effective swing action. Swingsit continuously distributes body weight to reduce the burden on the neck, waist and spine, helps digestion by stimulating the stomach to exercise, and stimulates the brain to strengthen concentration. Swingsit is suitable for office workers, students, freelancers, and others who sit in chairs for long periods of time and need to concentrate on their work and study.
In particular, the clinical trials have proven that a swing in the Swingsit active chair has an effect of a single step, providing the same effect as walking more than 1 km with a 20-minute swing on the Swingsit alone.
Therefore, just sitting on Swingsit helps stretch and strengthen muscles by exercising the core parts of the lower abdomen. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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