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Anti-Fog Lens Cloth | Korean Products

November 13, 2020[INQ. NO. 2011C40] Magic Anti-Fog Lens Cloth enhances the clarity of a lens and efficacy in preventing foggy lenses by forming a less than 5°-thick super-hydrophilic film over the surface of the lens.
Also, the microfiber fabric with a very fine special yarn, the so-called mysterious yarn, invisible to the naked eye, retains high water absorptivity and removes foreign materials and fine dust without scratching.
Ultrafine Microfiber with a thickness of less than 1/100 of a human hair is an environmentally friendly yarn having characteristics of excellently high water absorptivity, strong washing power, and outstandingly strong water releasing power.
Magic Anti-Fog Lens Cloth with special coating solution adsorbed should be stored in a zipper vinyl bag in order to keep this solution usable for an extended period. When wearing glasses on the surface of the lens there would usually be oil particles, dust, and pollutants invisible to the naked eye.
Using the magic anti-fog lens cloth at this time would decrease its effect, so it should only be used after wiping the lens cleanly with a liquid crystal cleaner or regular glasses cleaner.

One application has lasting efficacy for up to 8 hours and a maximum of 12 hours, and it can be used more than 200 times with about 6-month shelf life.
Established in 2015, DAEYANG Corp. produces eyeglass cleaners and cases, mobile phone liquid crystal cleaners, optical cleaners, LCD protection film cleaners, instrument cleaners, sports towels, and pouches. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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