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November 13, 2020

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 2011C34] Haeanseomgim Traditional Seaweed contains rich minerals from the tidal flats of the west coast and special loess chalcedony from a farm, so it is soft and sweet, and has a lot of unique laver flavor.
The secret of producing products of consistent quality for 20 years is the special recipes used for three generations, and the hot-dry manufacturing method and frozen aging of seaweed to maximize the taste of seaweed and suppress the rancidity of oil as time passes. Seaweed, a complete food that can be eaten immediately after drying in nature, can be custom-made to customers’ preferences.
Haeanseomgim Seaweed for Gimbap, also called Sushi Seaweed, can be produced in a variety of weights from 220g to 250g. Kimbap Seaweed has a high protein content and high dietary fiber content compared to other seaweed products. It contains healthy nutrients that help suppress various adult diseases and good for skincare, energy enhancement, and cancer prevention.

With dense texture and strong sweetness added to the flavor of the seaweed itself, it is processed twice without seasoning for offering optimal aroma and storage. It goes through different heat temperatures for the first and second processing.

Hot Spicy Chicken Flavored Seaweed is made using conventional seaweed to add the hot and spicy seasoning developed by the manufacturer to provide a spicy yet adequate sweetness while maintaining the original flavor of seaweed.

Founded in 1999, Shinjinsan Corporation specializes in manufacture of products based on seaweed, a traditional Korean foodstuff. The company has obtained Haccp, halal, iso20001, and the traditional food quality certification from the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, as well as intellectual property rights including three patents and two trademarks, and adopted a smart factory to make all systems smart.


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