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November 13, 2020[INQ. NO. 2011C24] Korean Red Ginseng Smart Drink is a smart drink made of Korean red ginseng, Oriental herb extract of CMT (Chongmyung-tang) or green tea leaf, vitamin B and vitamin C, and honey. CMT, in particular, contains the most (85%). It is a prescription for Oriental medicine mainly used to help learning and memory. It is also a prescription that is popularly known to student examinees in Korea with high educational fever.
An ancient Korean medical book says, “To treat forgetfulness and long-term use, you should memorize a thousand words a day.”
CMT has been reported to show a significant recovery of learning and memory in rats with memory loss. It is good for students when studying and for adults who are fatigued.

Handmade Flower Tea
BLOSSOM is a premium handmade flower tea made of carefully roasted flowers collected from the clean area near Palgongsan Mountain, and from the flower farms that use no pesticide.
BLOSSOM is made using flowers grown in a clean natural environment, and only 100% domestic ingredients are used without any additives.
The tea-making methods suitable for the characteristics of flowers (yeolgeun, jeungje (steaming), deokeum (roasting), hyangmaegim, etc.) are applied, and flowers are placed in transparent mini bottles for visual aesthetics.
Since the flower tea has its own beauty and scent, sharing flower tea makes consumers feel relaxed and comfortable. The flower tea also presents aesthetic pleasure because the shape of the flower is preserved when brewing the flower tea.
In addition, color, scent, and taste from different types of flowers help improve the health of consumers.
Founded in 2016, Cheonghyangje specializes in manufacturing red ginseng beverages and handmade flower tea. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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