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November 13, 2020 & Patch
[INQ. NO. 2011C23] KEEP Jeju Cherry Blossom Rapiad Solution Ampoule & Patch is a product with a microstructure that helps the absorption of the essence (which contains a fermented extract from the leaves of king cherry trees grown on the clean island of Jeju in Korea).
It contains the natural materials with improved whitening effect through the biological conversion of Jeju’s king cherry tree leaves by a bacillus.
It uses the patented method of manufacturing the ingredient through the biological conversion of the king cherry tree leaf and the skin whitening cosmetics material that contains the biologically converted ingredient.
The combination of ampoule and patch improves the whitening effect by twice as much as using the ampoule alone.
In the case of general cosmetics products, biologically active substances do not easily pass through the stratum corneum, which is the protective layer of the skin (only 0.3% transmittance rate), making it difficult to show a satisfactory level of effect.

However, the soluble microneedle smart patch is a product in which the soluble microneedle delivers the active ingredient directly to the percutaneous layer (more than 90% transmittance rate).
Innovative technology is applied to make it dissolve in the skin along with the ingredients of the activator, and it penetrates into the transdermal layer. It also uses safe materials – biopolymers, such as sugar polymer, cellulose, and hyaluronic acid that are harmless to the human body.
Soluble microneedles are micro/nanotechnology that provides almost no pain or irritation during skin permeation, and with the smart patch system, the biologically active substances can be released and controlled when they permeate the skin. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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