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November 13, 2020[INQ. NO. 2011C32] Water purifying filters provide safe water for coffee machines and water heaters used by food and beverage companies such as Starbucks and McDonalds, protecting the equipment by suppressing scale formed from hot water to result in a expensive equipment failure. It removes contaminants such as suspended matter, particulates, rust, chlorine, turbidity, odors, and heavy metals in water and suppresses scale

Coffee Machine for Coffee Machine
Unlike its U.S. competitors with a high risk of leaking activated carbon powder from the water, Paragon Filter (FN6-S) uses a pleated-type membrane carbon and uses a block activated carbon material made of coconut shell, thus having little chance of leakage.
The amount of purified water that can be used is about 56,781L. With the pore size of the carbon block of 0.1um, it is possible to remove invisible contaminants. This product produces coffee, tea, beverages, etc. with a safe and good taste by using a higher quality water filter at a price reduced by 30% of its competitors.
The filters are compatible with the heads produced by its competitors, which are the most used in the world, so they can be replaced quickly and easily. Also, unlike the counterpart that needs to use four to five filters, this product uses a composite material so that one filter replaces all, thus resulting in low maintenance costs and easy management.
It has obtained IAPMO certified to NSF, an American product testing, inspection and certification organization.
HNN Corporation, established in 2014, is a filter specialist that manufactures and distributes filters to the water filter and air purifier markets. Its major customers include suppliers and distributors of coffee machines, ice makers, water heaters, water purifiers, and other equipment used in cafes. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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