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November 26, 2020 Pack
[INQ. NO. 2012C18] CAPSTAY Mask Pack contains ingredients that highly absorb and maintain moisture and oil that has a very excellent skin moisturizing effect. It creates a softly shiny skin by maintaining the silkiness of the skin for a long time without making it oily or sticky.
When the mask sheet is applied to the face, it blocks the skin from coming in contact with the air. By adding many moisturizing ingredients to the mask sheet, CAPSTAY Mask Pack starts the important step of skincare that can maximize the skin moisturizing effect.
The sheet made of Tencel, an eco-friendly material made of extracts from the eucalyptus tree, is so thin that it has a high moisture content, adhesiveness and moisturizing element absorption rate.
Since its textile structure is smooth, it does not stimulate the skin, so it is effective for the sensitive skin of babies.

Facial Essence
CAPSTAY Multi-essence is an intensive moisturizing care essence for healthy skin which vitalizes the skin surface. It makes the skin soft, elastic, and healthy without stickiness by supplying the insufficient elements to the upper layer of the skin surface.
CHEONGHYU Co., Ltd. launched the skincare brand CAPSTAY in 2020. CAPSTAY, consisting of mask pack, skin, lotion, multi essence for women, and, lotion, and all-in-one emulsion for men, is currently exported to China, Malaysia, and Singapore. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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