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Horse Feed for Ruminants | Korean Products Roughage
[INQ. NO. 2012C04] Fiber F Max provides fermented microorganisms (lactic acid bacteria) as well as Super Premium roughage. Packaged forage that is easy and convenient to ensure constant and stable feeding yearly, has the effect of supplying grass preferred by herbivores, supplying succulent feed.
Featuring excellent palatability that has the effect of increasing feed consumption, Fiber F Max allows 80% or more of roughage consumption requirement for horses, and despite differences in horse types, 50~60% can be met. It is highly efficient to maximize the performance of breeding and high-performing stock.

All-In-One Feeds
Feed intake has an essential relationship with milk production. High feed intake serves to display their genetic ability for the milk production and high milk fat and protein.
Perfect TMR prevents nutritional imbalance and feed waste. TMR results in a balanced feed ratio of forage to concentrated feed as well. It also increases the feed intake and the productivity of dairy cows, while maintaining the balanced feed ratio of forage to concentrates.
The TMR mix formulation can be controlled for optimum nutrition and feed intake whenever the forage and grain feed materials are changed. Accordingly, it is possible to maintain nutritional balance and the optimum feed ratio of forage to concentrates. We can use the unpalatable and chief feed materials in TMR feed with the good formulation.
Rich in vitamins and minerals, Silage Plus is a perfect product for cattle’s ruminant stomach, which contains natural plants’ structural organic water for the intake amount to maintain the optimal moisture content level.
As a basic side dish for livestock animals, only 20~90% can be used for one mix, thereby ensuring efficient inventory management for farms. This product can dramatically improve cattle’s physical condition, while shortening the non-pregnant period, extending cattle’s economic lifespan. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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