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New Concept Nitrogen-Phosphorus Adsorbent | Korean Products

January 19, 2021[INQ. NO. 2101C04] Phosphate and nitrate cause moss in the aquarium and may have harmful effects on fish and crustaceans. Removal of nitrate and phosphate can improve the activity of aquatic animals and inhibit moss formation and growth.
NP Cleaner and Water Light are products made using zeolite and carbon nanotubes, and adsorb nitrogen and phosphorus that are eluted from excreta and residual feed in the water. Microorganisms are attached and grow to ingest the adsorbed nitrogen and phosphorus, thereby stabilizing water quality.
Such a water purification process materialized by the interaction between microorganisms and the delays of the product the replacement period of the aquarium and reduces the amount of water to change.


New Concept Nitrogen-Phosphorus Adsorbent


Made using exclusive technology, NP Cleaner can be used with ease anywhere. Designed in an adsorption type, rather than a liquid, it does not cause any inconvenience of daily injection, and can be used only by putting the recommended amount inside the filter or in a place with appropriate water flow.
In this way, nitrate and phosphate can be removed simply by placing NP Cleaner inside the filter or inside the aquarium. Inside the NP Cleaner exist numerous pores to provide a good environment for bacteria and effective microorganisms to proliferate, and adsorbed nitrate and phosphate are good food for microorganisms.
NP Cleaner can be used for a 30cm x 18cm x 22cm sized fish tank per 100g packet, and its recommended period of use is three months.
Water Light can be used by putting it in an external filter, and its period of use is one year.


New Concept Nitrogen-Phosphorus Adsorbent


DOWONENVIRO Co., Ltd. was established in 2013 with the aim to conserve and safely use water resources. Its flagship product is an ultraviolet sterilizer that kills pathogens in the effluent discharged from sewage treatment plants after the final treatment. Engaged in R&D of various water quality improvement technologies, the company has developed and distributed ceramic adsorption carriers that can stabilize the water quality of aquarium fish tanks. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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