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February 17, 2021[INQ. NO. 2102C03] SILIURETHANE SFMU-330 is a product designed to overcome the difficulties and limitations of surface treatment before painting. It removes only old coating and clustered rust. It also shortens the working time through a simple background treatment, and promotes economical efficiency with a convenient application, while helping to reduce construction costs.
Featuring reinforced adhesion, various materials and excellent compatibility with existing old coatings, it enables easy repair and coating. It can be used for ferrous, non-ferrous metals, concrete, coating panels and various old coatings such as water-based, enamel, epoxy, urethane, ceramic, and fluorine. Moreover, it can be used in high temperatures, wet, and condensing environments below 150degrees C. as well as in the water, allowing the coating process without stopping the facility operation.

Functional Coating Materials

SFMU-330C is a product for repair coating of facilities such as ferrous, nonferrous metals, concrete, and exterior painting of sidings and other facilities. This functional coating is designed for repair coating of structures in industrial facilities where coating deterioration and partial rust or peeling occur due to exposure to corrosion-causing conditions such as seawater and fine dust.

Functional Coating Materials
SFMU-330W is used for the repair coating of sewage and water treatment facilities in environments with low temperature, high humidity, and condensation such as offshore and coastal structures. It prevents deterioration and neutralization of concrete structures, reinforces ozone and chemical resistance in gutters, sedimentation tanks, aeration tanks, disinfection tanks, etc. It also improves the corrosion resistance of structures and machinery, condensation resistance, moisture resistance, salt resistance, non-toxicity, and non-dissolution property of structures and machinery.

Functional Coating Materials

SFMU-330H is used for coating facilities that require heat resistance, repair coating steel and concrete stacks, high-temperature ducts and equipment. It features optimized particle size and excellent chemical resistance, color retention, and weather resistance of functional pigments.

Functional Coating Materials | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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