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February 19, 2021[INQ. NO. 2102C14] La Pitta Super Tattoo Eyeliner lasts for up to nine days without washing thanks to its strong penetration and adsorption obtained by using Tin Tech, an exclusive Hidrophobicity coloring technology.
It features vivid and natural coloring and can be used with no concerns about eyebrow damage. It contains black walnut skin extract, a naturally derived ingredient, and nutritional essences. It is equipped with a sophisticated brush pen nip for eyelines and a suitable nip for eyebrows.
Founded in 2010, j-oncare is a company that develops and produces beauty products and cosmetics through constant research and development by professional researchers in pursuit of health and beauty, which is the dream of all women.
The products made by j-oncare are tested for at least six months, and up to a year. By developing and manufacturing products directly, the company simplifies the distribution channels and provides them directly to consumers at reasonable prices.

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