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March 15, 2021[INQ. NO. 2103C05] Unkyoung Company makes traditional Korean products, such as Korean embroidery and boudoir handicraft. The Company makes embroidered scent bags, including ones that people can carry with them. Unkyoung introduces souvenirs that can be found only in Korea by making portable ornaments featuring traditional Korean patterns and accessories transformed into modern decorative items that can be carried.
“Unkyoung” means plowing in a cloud field and is the pen name of Kyung-hee Lee, a craft designer, and also the name of the company. The name conveys a feeling of great ambition and power that suggests moving forward without being discouraged by adversity.

Korean Traditional Products

These products are dedicated to systematically advancing the beauty and value of traditional Korean embroidery and women’s crafts by expressing the precious love of the Unkyoung family. The products of Unkyoung introduce the unique modern senses of Unkyoung that were applied to modernized accessories and clothes.

Korean Traditional Products

They maintain traditional techniques while presenting harmony between various modernized materials. Unkyoung carries the banner of ‘the new embroidery’ born again by the unique patterns and traditional embroidery techniques.
Unkyoung also develops and distributes DIY products so that everyone, from children to the elderly, can systematically experience the Korean boudoir handicraft training in various places, including schools, cultural centers, etc. Unkyoung is also striving to globalize Korean culture by linking educational video contents to the DIY products for foreigners who are interested in Korean culture.


Korean Traditional Products

Unkyoung is attracting wide attention as it plans and develops products that combine the warm sentiments of embroidery and modern technology by grafting the embroidery to ICT. Unkyoung’s products embody young senses and visions, and there has been no other traditional Korean embroidery products that do so than those of Unkyoung. The company plans to introduce more advanced products through its development projects in the future to invite consumers to feel and experience traditional Korean embroidery in their daily lives.


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