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March 17, 2021 Perfume
[INQ. NO. 2103C12] Mimi Natural Perfume is a natural product made by using essential oils produced in Korea. It strengthens immunity and provides a therapeutic effect.
In addition, it is excellent in relieving headache, stress, depression and preventing dementia, and assists in whitening, and anti-aging.
Mimi Natural Perfume for men contains Korean pine scent to provide phytoncide effect, fatigue recovery, stress relief, mental and physical stability, rhinitis relief, cold prevention, and refreshing feeling, as well as preventing drowsiness. And it particularly has a beneficial effect on the bronchial system.

Natural Perfume


It is especially recommended during the winter season when fine dust concentrations are high.
Mimi Natural Perfume is made using lavender extract and Korean citrus essential oil. It has benefits such as depression prevention, fatigue recovery, cold prevention, stress relief, mental and physical stability, whitening, and anti-aging, as well as being helpful for early cold prevention.




Mimi World Co., Ltd. holds various prototypes and recipes for cosmetics, baby products, natural shampoos, perfumes, household products, feminine cleaners, dolls, bags, etc. In 2019, it obtained ISO 9001:2015, an international standard dedicated to Quality Management Systems (QMS).


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