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March 23, 2021[INQ. NO. 2103C16] Cellzyme ON-TOX Plus is a wrinkle-improving cosmetic product, 5% of which consists of the human stem cell culture medium, and has an effect of improving wrinkles within one minute after application.
Its seven natural ingredients, including adenosine certified by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, improve skin wrinkles and maintain skin elasticity.
Cellzyme Secret Therapy Plus is a female Y-zone care product, 15% of which comprises the human stem cell culture medium. It contains 40 natural extracts, making it less irritating, and it provides moisture, elasticity, and nutrition to women’s Y zone.
Dental Clear is an oral cleanser made under the new concept, which has been clinically tested by Yonsei University’s research team. It is manufactured using natural ingredients that have excellent effects on teeth and oral health and contains no ethanol, coloring elements, or surfactant.


Cellzyme ON-TOX Plus


It removes 99.9 percent of bacteria in the mouth and forms a fluoride layer to protect tooth surfaces and prevent cavities.
All of these products made from patented human stem cell culture fluid have been approved by FDA and are currently exported to China, Japan, and Indonesia.


Real Soak Soa

Real Soak Soak is an ultra-low-irritating ultra-fine fiber peeling pad, a product for old dead skin cells and deep clean care. Containing natural ingredients such as Finnish birch extract, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, natural herbs, and xylitol, it has an excellent moisturizing and soothing effect.
The Cellzyme series and Dental Clear produced by Co., Ltd. are currently being exported to China, Japan, and Indonesia, and are in the process of entering overseas online commerce Amazon and eBay, while preparing to open an online shopping mall in Russia.


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