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Film-coated Frying Pan | Korean Products

April 19, 2021[INQ. NO. 2104C09] SILKWAY is the world’s first film-coated frying pan developed with innovative technology. Unlike the conventional spray-coated frying pans, it is made by using such technology to attach 75 microns PTFE film to the high-purity aluminum plate at high temperature and pressure, without using any adhesive.
A single 75 micron film, two to three times thicker than a normal coating fan, provides a powerful non-stick effect that goes beyond conventional spray-coating and lasts long without being peeled off. Since there are no pores on the surface of the film, thus holding no water, oil, or sauce, it eliminates concerns about food waste, pervasive smell, and detergent residue. It allows one to cook with only a small amount of cooking oil, so


Film-coated Frying Pan


one can get the natural taste of the ingredients. Without any need for troublesome preheating and additional care, it allows even a novice cook to use it without difficulty.
Founded in 1996, Korea Taconic Co., Ltd. produces PTFE-coated glass fabric for heat and release, heat resistant tape, special Teflon belt, construction film material, and PTFE Laminate for wireless communication equipment substrates, and exports to Japan, Taiwan, China, India, Asia, and Australia.


Film-coated Frying Pan | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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