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Self-Heating Belts & Protections | Korean Products

April 20, 2021[INQ. NO. 2104C12] The self-heating belts and protections produced by Cheonsan Co., Ltd. uses graphene and nano-inorganic materials and related technologies, which is for generating heat with no extra power-supply by applying convergence nano-bio technology. The self-heating function of the belt is semi-permanent, while the thermal energy is transferred to the depths to provide various benefits for the human body.
This product can be helpful for people with pain in their wrist, ankle, elbow, back, and knee joints, those suffering from stiffness in their neck and shoulder, those with low body temperature and cold hands and feet, and people who seek improvement of blood circulation.

Self-Heating Belts & Protections

Since 1990, Cheonsan Co., Ltd. has been devoted to researching and developing the NBT fusion pyrexia technology. It has introduced various products such as the Cheonsan pyrexia belt, Cheonsan Three Taeguk Belt, pyrexia knee protectors, pyrexia elbow protectors, pyrexia wrist protectors, pyrexia neck protectors, by utilizing the NBT pyrexia technology accumulated through rich R&D experience.

Self-Heating Belts & Protections | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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