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Cosmeceutical Skin-Whitening Cream | Korean Products

April 22, 2021[INQ. NO. 2104C15] Tisha Arbutin Cream is a cosmeceutical product that can be used conveniently and effectively at home as it contains medically proven functional ingredients combining the benefits of bolth cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. By using Phytosilica, natural pine needle, it delivers Arbutin and active ingredients deep into the skin, and it helps to whiten the skin and keep it healthy by activating the skin mechanism.
Tisha Arbutin Cream contains Arbutin to help whitening of the skin, maximizing the effect of the pine needle ingredient. Produced in the form of a plain white cream, it can be applied over the entire face like a regular cream.
MICELL KOREALAB Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of natural pine needle cosmetics, and specializes in research and development of products to improve skin health. Its own brand Tisha is a medical home care brand that can be safely and conveniently used by the entire family. The special feature of cosmetics using pine needles makes it outstanding for effectiveness.

Cosmeceutical Skin-Whitening Cream | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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