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April 22, 2021[INQ. NO. 2104C16] Bowlcompany is the official vendor of a 30-year-old international cutlery producer Bogen and a distributor of Cara products. Bogen Kara Cutlery features a unique and sturdy design with exclusive colors.
Made of polycarbonate the handle is made by using high-end material also used for making baby bottles. The head is made of high-strength POSCO stainless steel No. 18-10, causing almost no deformation or discoloration. In particular, the two-tone colors of the faucet provide a unique design. It can be cleansed with a dishwasher and sterilized with boiling water.
It is currently exported to the United States, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.




Established in 2014, Bowlcompany manufactures unique kitchen utensils in line with consumer trends. It supplies to retailers, department stores, outlets, and online shops. The company has also successfully launched Polish Pottery Bowl, a kitchenware brand and Nice Life, a health food brand.


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