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April 28, 2021[INQ. NO. 2104C22] Groo is eco-friendly artificial turf that enables recycling by using polyethylene bag coating technology. “Groo” is a Korean term used as a unit for counting trees, which reflects the meaning that the trees in the forest share space and seek fair play instead of having conflicts with each other in order to receive sunlight. It is used for sports facilities such as soccer fields, baseball fields, futsal fields, tennis courts, and school playgrounds, and for landscaping of parks, gardens, house yards, building rooftops, outdoor wedding halls, and terraces.
Made of high-quality yarn that does not get discolored by UV coating treatment and has undergone flame-retardant treatment, it has strong durability as well as excellent elastic restoring force. Also produced in a facility equipped with the latest technology, it has no defects, while offering a 10-year warranty.

Artificial Grass

Groo has obtained various international quality certifications including ISO and a standard certification from the International Tennis Federation (ITF).
Biland Co., Ltd., a leading artificial turf manufacturer, pursues the highest quality products based on highly professional manpower and facilities. The company conducts thorough after-sales management, and when new products are released, it provides customers with prototypes as well as catalogs by mail or email. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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