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Antibacterial Tableware for Pets | Korean Products

May 20, 2021[INQ. NO. 2105C06] Wagging WagWag Bowl, made of zeomic, a new antibacterial material, is expected to be released on the market in May 2021. When a pet eats food, the mixture of saliva and food causes bacteria to multiply. This antibacterial tableware has obtained an antibacterial test certification for suppressing bacteria that cause food poisonings such as salmonella and staphylococcus aureus.
Its spherical tableware design prevents food from dispersing, and the angle of the tableware is tilted by 10 degrees to prevent acute indigestion when pets consume food. Its height can be adjusted according to the body size of the pet by using the additionally purchasable low body at the bottom. A design patent application is in progress.

Antibacterial Tableware for Pets

Currently, blue and yellow colors are scheduled to be released first, and in the future, various colors will be added so that users can assemble and use the tableware and the low body like Lego blocks in desired colors.
Wagging WagWag Bowl can be washed with a dishwasher, and it allows UV/infrared disinfection, and hot water disinfection. Also, it can be heated in a microwave oven, being perfect for heat cooking as well as minimal cooking. It can also be washed easily by separating the dish, while the plate made of TPE material is not slippery, thus being safe for active pets. It has been tested and approved for suppressing the growth of bacteria, thus ensuring safe feeding for pets.

Antibacterial Tableware for Pets

In addition, the planning and development of a mixture of chicken breast and vegetables have been completed, while the production of Wagging WagWag snacks is scheduled in the near future.
Flygoose Co., Ltd. is devoted to manufacturing and developing private-label products using new materials. It has developed HEPA cabin filter vehicles, as part of its anti-virus project using new materials.

Antibacterial Tableware for Pets

Flygoose has secured distribution channels through four major TV home shopping networks, famous department stores, supermarkets, and 13,000 7-Eleven’s in Thailand, as well as 3-commerce networks such as Lazada, Shoppe, and Qoo10.

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