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Natural Tree Wound Treatment | Korean Products

May 20, 2021[INQ. NO. 2105C05] Hwangto Namuyakson is made using only natural raw materials including high-quality copper loess produced in the area of Hallyeohaesang National Park while using no chemical components. It also uses phytoncide extracted from cypress trees certified as eco-friendly material grown in the clean area of Jirisan Mountain.
Having acquired a patent in 2019 for its application of eco-friendly loess coating for tree protection, tree trunk protection, and tree wound healing, it improves the vitality of trees, treats wounds, and most importantly, prevents diseases and pests. It has been also verified by the Korea Conformity Laboratories (KCL) for its 99.9% antibacterial effects in antibacterial tests for pathogens, pneumonia, Candida, and streptococci against pathogenic fungi.

Natural Tree Wound Treatment

In addition, this natural tree protection treatment contains no harmful substances or heavy metals related to VOCs test, VACs test, and heavy metal test.
Hemp and rice straw, or rubber emulsifiers used to treat wounds in trees can be alternatives to preserve and grow trees. However, they are less efficient in cost minimization in regard to the overall cause of the tree’s wounds. Hwangto Namuyakson offers multiple effects by treating tree wounds, preventing water evaporation, maintaining temperature regardless of the season, as well as improving the vitality of trees.

Natural Tree Wound Treatment
Established in 2017, Ba Reun Hwang To produces Dr. Clay, its flagship product brand, which acquired a patent with its eco-friendly paint such as Hwangto Namuyakson made using only raw materials produced in the natural environment including loess. In addition, under the brand named Mediclay, it has launched a variety of unique products such as mists and packs and other daily necessities.

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