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Woven Fabrics for Window Blinds | Korean Products

May 24, 2021[INQ. NO. 2105C10] Louis, a combi (ZEBRA) is recognized in both the domestic and global market, is sold the most and has wide name recognition. As for its characteristics, it is a typical blackout product that has the function of blocking the UV and effectively controlling the light while giving a simple and clean impression in the diagonal direction.
Lora, a combi ZEBRA is a fabric made of glossy yarn and its finished product gives the elegant, classy and luxurious impression. In particular, the overall image of the product is reminiscent of winter with a warm and cozy atmosphere. At present, this product is very popular in North America (Canada), Asia (the Philippines), Europe (Ukraine) and Africa (South Africa) and its typical colors are beige, white, gold, silver, brown, deep gray, chocolate and charcoal. Though the design is the same, the unique impression of each color is different.

Woven Fabrics for Window Blinds

Edith, a combi ZEBRA general product, is a kind of combi blind which was newly launched by DAEDONG INC. this year and is very highly cost-effective. The characteristics of this product are that one color is applied to the other by weaving two different color yarns very sensuously, two kinds of yarns are combined with each other showing a two-tone effect, the color is neat and, at the same time, the design is luxurious enough to be favored by everyone. In addition, the unique color radiated from each design makes you experience distinctive image.


Woven Fabrics for Window Blinds

DAEDONG INC is a textile manufacturing and processing company that has been specializing in production of fabrics for blinds since 1993. Its typical blind types consist of combi blind fabric, roller blind fabric and triple shade, making a total of three kinds. Among them, the combi (ZEBRA) blind fabric with a blackout function is most representative and is highly popular in the global market. In addition,
DAEDONG INC is the top seller of finished window blinds in the domestic online market. The coating liquid used on the blind is imported from New Zealand and is highly competitive in the unit cost. Therefore, its products are far ahead in terms of price in the global market compared with other blind manufacturers in Korea. And it is exporting its product to about 15 companies in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania, while striving for wider recognition in both quality and price.

Woven Fabrics for Window Blinds | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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