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June 15, 2021[INQ. NO. 2106C03] ABS Door is equipped with ABS panels to compensate for the disadvantages of conventional wooden doors, by using PUR eco-friendly adhesive that is harmless to the human body instead of general chemical bonds.
It is highly resistant to humidity and significantly lessens deformation such as swelling, warping, and warping, and allows more three-dimensional designs compared to other wooden doors thanks to the ABS panel pressed with a mold to form a shape.
In addition, it is lighter than wooden doors, and more productive than existing wooden doors, thus enabling quick delivery.


Eco-friendly Door


What is ABS?
ABS resin is excellent in impact resistance, chemical resistance, and weather resistance, and in particular, is excellent in formability for injection molding and extrusion molding, as well as secondary processability such as coloring. It is highly compatible with other resins, and can also be mixed with vinyl chloride and polycarbonate.
When the composition of the interpolymer differs, the performance of the product is likely to change subtly, which requires changes of the combination according to the application. In general, ABS resin is easy to process, has high impact resistance and good heat resistance. Compared to polyethylene, it is 93° heat resistant and 4.5 impact resistant.


Eco-friendly Door

The impact resistance of 4.5 is equivalent to the strength of not being broken even when hit with a sledgehammer. Thus, it is used as a substitute for metal in industrial products such as automobile parts, helmets, electrical equipment parts, and spinning machine parts.
Founded in 1983, JHC Korea has the third-largest market share in the domestic interior materials, especially door and wood products market sales. The company started exporting in 2019, and has achieved about US$1 million in total in exports, mainly to the U.S. and Southeast Asian markets.

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