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June 17, 2021[INQ. NO. 2106C06] IDENEL Peptaxel™ is made using Altum Peptide™, a new material that has been verified in a clinical trial in October 2020. It represents the manufacturer’s core technology to increase the penetration rate of active ingredients into the skin. Unlike existing esthetic programs that provide peeling alone, it has an excellent effect on anti-aging by stimulating the skin to produce more collagen.
Peptaxel, a compound word of peptide and cell, is made by using a new technology to stimulate skin cells with peptides to promote skin regeneration. Having a high molecular weight, peptides cannot easily penetrate into the skin, whereas the new material altum peptide, using the targeted anticancer technology and a microneedle. Hydrolyzed sponge, an extract derived from natural sponges penetrates easily into the skin with the peptide, thus significantly enhancing epidermal penetration.
Functional CosmeticsUnlike the existing peeling programs focusing only on the skin peeling by stimulation, this program enhances the skin’s natural energy by directly delivering the peptides, one of the energy sources for cells, into the skin while promoting skin peeling.
The patented Altum Peptide™ has been proven by the Korea Cosmetic Association (KCA), an accredited institution, to have absorption rate 61% higher than that of other Tripeptides. Further clinical tests show that it enhances skin density by 15.9%, skin tone by 8.5%, improves fragile cheek elasticity by 36.8%, and decreases deep wrinkles by 17.3%. (used for 6 weeks). It is designed to remove old keratin from the skin, while activating the skin’s natural energy to generate collagen through applications once every 1-3 weeks depending on the user’s keratin cycle.


Functional Cosmetics


IDENEL Regenerating Eyecream uses Raphitox made from the highest-quality hydrolyzed sponge extracted from natural sponge through seven rigorous refining processes, in an optimized formulation to improve wrinkles around the eyes. Eye wrinkles are finer than other wrinkles on other areas, yet they are more visible. And collagen levels naturally decrease as skin ages. IDENEL Regenerating Eyecream improves the skin’s natural resilience by generating pro-collagen, a core ingredient that boosts moisture and elasticity.
Many consumers are complaining of sticking or clumping of makeup when using other eye creams. IDENEL Regenerating Eyecream, formulated with key ingredients, does not cause makeup to stick or clump or slide even so that it applies very nicely.

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