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July 15, 2021[INQ. NO. 2107C06] Bouncell Aging Remover Cream helps to lift-up wrinkles and bring elasticity to the skin and fill in wrinkles within two minutes. It is fast-absorbed and dramatically fills in the wrinkles through a formula similar to Botox. The Acetyl hexapeptide-8, so-called Botox peptide, keeps the skin texture balanced. The peptide and special polymer help to manage smooth skin texture while adenosine and snail secretion filtrate help to improve skin elasticity.
Unlike other wrinkle care products, Bouncell Aging Remover Cream can be applied right before the makeup. Its extraordinary raw ingredients help to keep skin young and healthy by long-term application.
Bouncell Aging Remover Sleeping Serum Pack is a solution for wrinkle care at night. It has a variety of effects such as wrapping, wrinkle stretching, deep moisturizing, and improvement of skin elasticity. Featuring high enriched serum to tighten wrinkles by a skin elastic barrier, it boosts the absorption of active ingredients and the special pudding-like foam helps to remove wrinkles through formation of an elastic barrier.

Bouncell Aging Remover Micro Needle Patch
It is specializing as night care to maximize effects by easily applying it before sleep and washes off in the morning. The breathable layer of elasticity straightens skin wrinkles while sleeping and helps to keep the moisture with its wrapping effect so you wake up the next morning with moist and elastic skin.
Bouncell Aging Remover Micro Needle Patch is a new concept needle patch made from hyaluronic acid. It delivers the active ingredient deep into the skin by increasing the moisture content and improving the wrinkles. It is made by using TDDS, a cutting-edge technology designed to overcome the lower absorption rate of oral administration agents and the pain caused by injections. The film-type patch containing medication is attached to the skin for the medicine to be delivered to the body through the skin
Bouncell Korea provides OEM and ODM manufacturing services of customized cosmetics though its unique formulations. Founded in 2012, it specializes in the research & development for the highest quality of skincare products, producing high-functional cosmetics made from the finest Oriental raw ingredients. The company’s research focuses on multi-functional cosmetics is and committed to the development of products with natural ingredients that help whitening and anti-wrinkle functions.

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