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August 4, 2021


Producing the best products

by introducing the ICT operation system


Cheongsol Food introduced the ICT operation system to produce
the best products by processing food scientifically and hygienically

Our company’s advantages include dual fermentation heating, very fine powder processing, drying and sterilization technologies.
We use functional lactobacillus and Oriental medicine products helping to treat and cure certain health conditions based on
technical prowess our company has been accumulating in the Oriental medicine material and lactobacillus processing areas.



Probiotics drink

Fermented anti-cancer drink with ingredients helpful
for immunity improvement andanti-cancer effect

Biocosmo’s anti-cancer and toxicity laboratory test result

· Anti-tumor cell experiment (Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology – Yonsei University)
· Liver function toxicity experiment (Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology)
· Cardiotoxicity experiment (KIT (Korea Institute of Toxicology))
· Neurotoxicity experiment (Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology)
· Auditory toxicity experiment (KIT (Korea Institute of Toxicology))


morning of the march

Hangover helper with postbiotics ingredients

Premium hangover helper with 8 kinds
of medicinal herbs

With postbiotics ingredients with Sparassis crispa extracts, it cures a
hangover quickly before and after drinking.



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