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Enoki Mushroom | Korean Products

August 24, 2021[INQ. NO. 2108C20] Sangsangysang Enoki Mushroom is certified as a non-pesticide agricultural product by the ‘National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service.’ The pileus is as large as 2-10mm, with a slightly yellowish color.
The gills on the back of the pileus are slightly coarse. Most products on the market are produced by shelf cultivation. Visually, they have the shape of a bean sprout, the pileus is not open, and the stipe is long.
Nutritional content includes: Water (89.7g), protein (2.7g), fat (0.5g), glucide (5.4g), fiber (0.9g), phosphorus (80mg), potassium (360mg), vitamin B1 (0.31mg), vitamin B2 (0.22mg), niacin (8.1mg).
With its healthy nutritional facts, the company is proud of the efficacies of its mushrooms among its e consumers. It discharges lipids in the blood with rich mushroom chitosan contents.
It has effects of preventing lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia. It contains vitamin B1 which is effective in recovering from fatigue and liver cells. It helps with weight loss without ‘yo-yo’ effects because of the removal of visceral fat. It discharges toxins through the promotion of bowel movements.
Rich in selenium and essential acids, it strengthens the immune system and is effective in absorbing iron due to its glucan content.

Enoki Mushroom

Sangsangysang Co., Ltd. is advancing into overseas markets based on importing and exporting agricultural products along with local distribution with related foods from Korea and Vietnam. In light of various changes occurring in trade environments, through operating a food restaurant antenna shop, ‘Sangsangysang’, along with various food media, the company is continuously gaining knowledge of the market and promoting Sangsangysang’s products and its corporate philosophy.
This is the corporate value that ‘Sangsangysang’ pursues to enable courteous trade and distribution based on understanding the people and culture. The company aims to progressively become one that fulfills its priorities as a food contents platform in line with the new global trends.

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