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August 25, 2021[INQ. NO. 2108C37] Synthetic preservatives, artificial fragrances, and sulfate-based surfactants can cause problems such as scalp inflammation, dandruff, and hair loss. Cellhappyco Scalp & Hair Care Shampoo contains only EWG green grade raw ingredients without using any chemical components. It is made using false daisy, which is excellent for preventing hair loss.
In addition, certified COSMOS organic orchid extract and patented ingredients for preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth are used instead of purified water for the manufacturing process of Serapico shampoo. The patented ingredient is a new material, a compound of 17 kinds of herbal medicinal herbs for scalp and hair health, which won a gold medal in an international invention competition in 2018.
This product with low pH protects the scalp lipid layer by maintaining the scalp oil-moisture balance. Using aroma oil, it receives excellent consumer responses for its natural fragrances including natural lavender, rose flower, spearmint, geranium and bergamot oil.
This product has obtained COSMOS Organic, certification requirements for organic and natural cosmetics products in Europe.


Haircare Products


Cellhappyco Anti-Hair-Loss Tonic has been approved by Korea’s Food & Drug Administration for its anti-hair loss efficacy. It contains an Oriental herbal complex made from a patented composition for preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth along with 27 herbal extracts, which won the Gold Medal at the Best Paper Awards in Malaysia.

Haircare Products

The peppermint lowers the heat of the scalp and the salicylic acid ingredient removes wastes accumulated in the pores of the scalp to provide scalp scaling effects. And rosemary oil that is good for the hair and scalp provides aromatherapy effects when sprayed on the scalp.

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