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August 30, 2021 Sterilizling Tumbler
[INQ. NO. 2108C57] Link UV-C sterilization tumbler is a product that combines a tumbler and LED UV-C. It is the first in Korea to sterilize 99.9% of the inside of the tumbler to ensure the safety of drinking water. This double-thermal insulation stainless steel tumbler can be used 80 times on a single charge.
Developed at the request of a volunteer group in Africa for a water bottle with a sterilization function, this product is currently being supplied to a famous domestic coffee brand, A Twosome Place, while receiving good responses through online networks such as GS Home Shopping.

UV-C Sterilizing Sonic Electric Toothbrush
Link UV sterilization sonic electric toothbrush, scheduled to be released in 2021, can be sterilized and carried conveniently with a cap equipped with LED UV-C sterilization module.
Founded in 2012, LINK Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturer and distribution of UV sterilization products. The UV sterilizer for smartphones and masks worth about US$500,000 is exported to the USA, Japan, and Australia in 2020.

Hygiene & Health Care Products

In particular, it has been highly recognized in Japan, which is strict in quality and technology evaluation, by entering the three major retailers including Yodobashi Camera, Bic Camera, and Tokyo Hands — retailers that even Japanese companies have difficulty in entering.

Hygiene & Health Care Products

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