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August 31, 2021[INQ. NO. 2108C61] Bluediamond Implant® is designed to provide a long-term solution to the complications of mechanical and biological implants, which have recently become an issue in dentistry.
By using Medical Grade 4 Titanium (Coldworked) that has been clinically proven for over 20 years, it guarantees the biocompatibility and biological long-term implant survival rate of pure titanium implants, while providing higher compressive strength enabled through intensive R&D of implant design to improve strength. It also ensures long-term mechanical stability with high fatigue strength.
A special KnifeThread® and superior self-tapping design ensure better initial clamping force on any bone condition. This design increases resistance to compressive force while minimizing the occurrence of shear force, and by applying the same core diameter and different thread depth, it facilitates better initial fixation and implant placement for any bone density.
Bluediamond Implant® does not rely on cortical bone for initial stability, but reduces the stress applied to the cortical bone to prevent bone resorption after fixture placement. In addition, a unique XPEED surface treatment technology ensures fast and strong osseointegration and safety, while completely neutralizing and removing acid residues, thereby manifesting the unique blue surface color of XPEED®.

Premium Implant System

For more accurate and precise prosthetic connection, BLUEDIAMOND® implant has a unique X-FITTM connection with a 30° internal conical connection & double-fastened internal structure of an arch keystone & octa combination. Devised from architectural principles, the arch-type keystone improves long-term mechanical stability with high resistance to external compressive forces, such as mastication, and an excellent stress dispersion effect.

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