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September 14, 2021[INQ. NO. 2109C12] 5G Filter consists of a 3.5GHz frequency band and a 28GHz frequency band. The 3.5GHz filter has been provided to SKT and KT, Korea’s major mobile operators, and the 28GHz filter has been developed for the future market. They are currently supplied in large quantities to mobile operators in Korea and Japan due to their low loss, small size and excellent quality.
7 Band Multiplexer combines 7 Band 14 Path from 700MHz to 2.7Gz into one antenna port. Currently, it is provided to mobile operators in North and South American markets.
Using the patented Path Integral Molecular Dynamics (PIMD) technology, it has high PIMD, securing the desired frequency band by removing the interference from the operator’s frequency. It allows the user to combine multiple channels into one output port, with advantages of redundant investment and installation and maintenance of equipment, economic feasibility, and environmental advantages in terms of aesthetics.
MultiBand RRH 4T4R is a 4-channel RRH filter in the 700MHz to 900MHz band, which is exported to the European market. Its sales are expected to increase in the difficult market thanks to its superior quality.

RF Filters

Founded in 2017, ERANTEK Co., Ltd. specializes in the development and production of RF filters that are core components used in mobile communication. Its main products include filters for 5G, PIMD multiplexer with excellent frequency interference reduction, Multiband RRH, combiner, divider, and coupler. Currently, it is exporting to the USA, South America, Japan, and Europe.

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