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September 16, 2021[INQ. NO. 2109C23] Higher plants are immobile so they face a wide variety of environmental factors throughout their lives, such as droughts, high salt, heavy metals, low temperatures, high temperatures and ultraviolet rays and ozone.
This non-biological stress hampers the growth and development of crops and drought-induced water shortages have a very large impact on crop growth. This has led to food shortages and soaring agricultural prices, posing a threat to the survival of humankind.
In the conventional technology, drought resistance has been developed through genetic manipulation related to drought stress. However, the method has limitations in that it is difficult to actively apply it due to concerns that the method is harmful. Plants have a system that impedes the growth of moisture by blocking pores by increasing ABA hormones when water resources are stretched thin.
DSD-1 is designed to increase plants’ resistance to dry and osmotic stress. This product has similar properties to ABA hormones, which contribute to improving plant viability and productivity by controlling the opening and closing of pores in drought situations. However, ABA hormones hamper the growth of plants or promote their aging, but a substance used in this product is an internationally patented substance that affects the opening and closing of pores without inhibiting their growth or expediting their aging.

Eco-friendly Fertilizer

It is similar to ABA hormones, but has a completely different mechanism. This product acts as both urea fertilizer and crop growth controller.
Founded in 1994, DOF Ltd. has come up with customized top-dressing suitable for soil, crops and cultivation environments under the motto “from soil management to nutrition management,” and led eco-friendly scientific agriculture by spreading scientific top-dressing methods.

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