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September 17, 2021[INQ. NO. 2109C28] CHUIHAIR Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo is a functional product designed to reduce hair loss. Its unique beer scalp natural complex™, a combination of brewer’s yeast and premium fermented ingredients familiar to consumers, contains ingredients that are beneficial for the scalp and hair.
It also contains functional ingredients to alleviate hair loss including salicylic acid to keep the scalp clean, L-menthol to relieve scalp fever, and dexpanthenol to help moisturize and soothe the hair and skin, as well as microbiome, a microorganism that maintains the condition of the skin.
This product maintains the scalp pH 5.5~6.0 to provide a healthy environment for a damaged scalp. In addition, it has been certified as a non-irritating product through a primary irritation test conducted by the Global Medical Research Center.
Using natural surfactant rather than a sulfate-based synthetic surfactant, it generates abundant foam while causing no irritation. Compared to other hair-loss shampoos, it features a soft feel and exceptional scent. The scalp wastes are removed cleanly, while after shampooing, it makes the hair softer as if washed with a treatment, and a special floral mint scent adds freshness through a mixture with refreshing mint and sweet fruit aromas.

Haircare Product

Founded in 2020, OFFGRID specializes in the development and manufacture of products that enhance the natural healthy function of the skin by delivering good natural ingredients to the skin and protecting it from external stimuli. The company owns CHUIHAIR, a trendy hair loss care product brand; AUDEW, a vegan skincare brand; and LILADD, a vintage cosmetic brand.
Existing hair-loss shampoo products have a rather high-age consumer base and focus on medicinal products and dermatological functions. CHUIHAIR, however, represents a more consumer-friendly approach with a special brand story and concept for each item.

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