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September 23, 2021[INQ. NO. 2109C43] Maktoob Triple Shade is a revolutionary triple shade that combines the functionality of a roll screen and blinds. Combining the smoothness of curtains with the practical and convenient function of blinds, with a single layer of fabric and front and back mesh, it is a high-quality blind that is differentiated by interior direction and lining, ventilation control.
Maktoob Combi Shade can be rolled up and down and fixed in any position. When fully rolled up, all its fabric is cleanly wound up into the roll case. It is perfect for offices and public offices that are affected by strong sunlight through the excellent light blocking and flame-retardant curtains.
Maktoob Honeycomb Shade is a honeycomb-shaped hexagonal double-celled fabric that is differentiated from conventional blinds. Specially processed in a honeycomb shape, the fabric is raised and lowered by the corrugated type.
Maktoob Wood Blind is made of natural wood so that the elegant color is enhanced. It gives any space an elegant and classic feel. The thick wood holds the center of gravity and functions as a sturdy pedestal to keep it horizontal. It is superior to any other products in privacy protection by blocking views from outside.

Blind Fabrics & Roller Blinds

SAMBOTEX is a manufacturer of blinds, exporting finished blinds and blind fabrics to over 25 countries. Having acquired various design patents including its triple and cube products with higher fabric quality than general products. Every year, SAMBOTEX participates in R & T exhibitions as professional window makers, constantly introducing new products to overseas buyers.

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