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Cleanroom Fabric & Garments | Korean Products

September 23, 2021[INQ. NO. 2109C39] Polstar ESD/Cleanroom Fabrics are used in numerous applications including the electronics and semiconductor industries, medical and pharmaceutical, food, and paint industries. Although humans work in a cleanroom, the dust or pollutants from humans themselves can contaminate the cleanroom.
The fabrics are primarily composed of high multifilament yarn to ensure maximum protection against contamination.
Human bodies and garments are the main sources of particle generation in the air. Unlike the main function of common clothes, which is to protect the human body, the function of the cleanroom garment is to protect the environment from being contaminated by humans.
Static-removing apparels are special clothes that must be worn in the cleanroom, and they require many other functions, such as anti-dust and anti-static properties, chemical resistance, vapor permeability and comfort.
The company has almost100 different fabrics in its range. With its long experience, it has the technology and production facilities to develop the fabrics customers want. MEC also has the capability to make special treatments, such as Teflon HT, Silicone Free, Antimicrobial, and Calendering on the fabric additionally to meet customers’ various demands.
Polstar ESD/Cleanroom fabrics are being exported worldwide, enjoying a high reputation with their stable quality and supply channels.

Cleanroom Fabric & Garments

Since 1996, MEC Industries has grown into one of the leading companies in Korea in the field of two major business units, which are ESD control, and Cleanroom industries,. With the rise of the high-technology industry, MEC Industries has set a fundamental goal of providing quality products in all aspects of ESD control and Cleanroom area, ultimately eliminating the cause of defects in high-end products.

Cleanroom Fabric & Garments
Over the past two decades, MEC Industries has been aiming to supply optimized ESD control and Cleanroom products to the whole of Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America, etc. Now, MEC Industries is poised to take another giant leap forward to become a global leader with advanced technologies in cooperation with some of the most reputed companies all over the world. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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