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September 23, 2021[INQ. NO. 2109C40] SEB-W60 is a semi-boot that covers the ankle, and adds a simple yet sophisticated look to its clean and sleek appearance, with Block Outsole, Termite Mound, and STICO logo accessories. Unlike other existing boots, its range of colors includes gray, navy, and brown, and is scheduled to expand the variety of colors to satisfy the needs of consumers.
The main material of SEB-W60 is EVA. SEB-W60 is as light as a feather, weighing less than 500 grams, and provides a fresh feeling. It is also waterproof. It helps users to avoid feeling uncomfortable by preventing their feet and socks from being soaked by the rain.
Antibiotic and deodorizing copper fiber insole is applied to SEB-W60, preventing various harmful viruses and germs from growing, and unpleasant odors from spreading.
Many patented technologies are applied to SEB-W60. The most noticeable feature includes Block Outsole that prevents slipping on wet surfaces. SEB-W60 can help users walk safely even on rainy days.
Unlike the adhesive outsoles adopted by the existing boots, Block Outsole is joined by a non-adhesive assembly method that uses no chemical adhesive. Thus, SEB-W60 contributes to the protection of the environment.
Rain Boots

Termite Mound Technology, inspired by the mound of African Termites, is applied to SEB-W60. Termite Mound Technology effectively discharges heat and moisture inside the shoe to the outside and allows SEB-W60 to be better-ventilated than other existing products.

Rain Boots


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