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September 23, 2021[INQ. NO. 2109C42] Accordon Fabric has a double-structured corduroy style look and a higher air content compared to other products. Featuring excellent thermal insulation, it is a 4-way stretch fabric with elasticity in four directions (east, west, south, north).
Produced in various weights from 100g to 350g, it can be used for the clothing worn all year round. In addition, this product was developed for the third time in the world after T company in Japan and F company in Taiwan, which is the only one of its kind in Korea.
Developed in 2020, Accoridon Fabric is being exported to Italy as of 2021. It is used for various purposes including fashion and motorcycle wear.
Youngpoong Filltex, established in 1994, produces functional fabrics. Its main product is nylon as well as polyester, including
Dynax and Kenytex, protective clothing for active sports, Airshell, an ultra-lightweight pavilion fabric for outdoor clothing, Nyspan, Kenyspan, and Powerspan, high elasticity fabrics.

Stretch Fabric

The company also produces ultra-light thin paper for outdoor clothing from 7D to 10D and 15D. Airshell, a thin paper fabric for outdoor, is the first product developed by the company in Korea. This fabric is very lightweight and features excellent moisture permeability and waterproofness.

Stretch Fabric


In addition, it produces stretch fabrics. In 2020, Youngpoong Filltex developed a new accordion fabric, which has been receiving favorable reviews from European buyers.


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