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Invisible Socks | Korean Products[INQ. NO. 2109C51] The arch of the foot is key to developing technology for maintaining weight. Its collapse can trigger foot fatigue. If it is 1cm higher, it can support another 15kg and reduce foot fatigue by 20%.
Rexy Socks are arch support balance socks featuring the best technology to reduce foot fatigue. Its patented arch support technology minimizes foot fatigue and balances the body. Flexible and continuous arch support makes your feet feel more comfortable during sports activities.
Other No Show socks fall off easily and holes are easily formed in them.
Rexy No Show Socks has fully resolved this issue by applying two patented technologies and two utility technologies. Heel nonslip technology, a heel part knitting method, features heel banding knitting technology that maximizes the non-slip function are vital to preventing No Show Socks from falling off. Based on this unique technology, No Show Socks are enjoying strong sales in the Korean market as “life overshoes” among customers.

Invisible Socks

No Show Socks that do not come off topped the socks sales standings, racking up 400 million won in cumulative sales through Wadiz, a Korean crowd-funding company. They sell more than 300,000 pairs per year online. They are made of a strong moisture-absorbing fast-drying material that absorbs sweat quickly. Their cold material keeps foot conditions optimal.

Invisible Socks

SUNGHWA Co,. Ltd., established in 1987, is the leading sock manufacturer in Korea. The company supplies extraordinary products that can make life more enjoyable by selling differentiated functional socks based on patents on arch support socks and Life Overshoes.

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