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October 19, 2021[INQ. NO. 2110C03] Bed Shower Carrier (CCQ) is a product designed to allow patients to take showers or have their hair shampooed using a moving bed shower carrier, without having to go to the bathroom.
It is equipped with various functions such as carrier transfer, hot water heating, temperature sensor and control, shower pump, sewage suction, sterilization, emergency stop, and 24V battery charging operation in one unit.
This product prevents various accidents that may arise during movement, such as injuries sustained from falling or musculoskeletal injuries and allows patients to bathe and wash in bed without having to go to the bathroom. This product helps reduce the


Portable Shower


workload for nurses and caregivers, lowers the financial burden coming from medical and nursing fees, and also helps hospitals, nursing homes, and caregivers. While it previously took 2~3 caregivers to bathe a patient, using AA, with Bed Shower Carrier the work can now be done by just one person.

Portable Shower

Bed Shower Carrier began to gain much recognition and popularity as it was selected as the Innovative Prototype of Korea’s Public Procurement Service.
HanMaek Medical Ltd., Co. specializes in the manufacture of medical and health welfare devices, while investing steadily in research and development of new products such as thermal bedsore prevention mats, patient beds for urine and feces treatment, and portable shampoo tables. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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