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Exercise + Rehabilitation Equipment | Korean Products

October 20, 2021[INQ. NO. 2110C16] Salfree is a home training product with a compact size, which is differentiated from conventional rehabilitation exercise equipment. The height adjustment function of the device allows the user to exercise in three positions – lying, sitting, and standing – so it can be used by the whole family, from children to the elderly. In addition, by using three types of gravity – no gravity, anti-gravity, and self-gravity ─ which is one of the characteristics of the device, it enables customized exercise for each individual according to the joint range of motion and muscle mass.
It is produced with a unique ergonomic design that can allow not only diagonal motion but also spiral motion with large and small circular trajectories. Due to the current situation with COVID-19, in which outdoor exercise is avoided due to the weather or air pollution, interest in exercise that

Exercise + Rehabilitation Equipment

promotes functional recovery of the body is increasing rather than simply sweating. Its compact size requires only a small space of around 3 m², so it can be easily moved and used anywhere. It has received domestic and international certifications and awards including iENA (Germany) and the Korea Invention Patent Exhibition

Exercise + Rehabilitation Equipment

As the equipment is entirely curved without any corners, it not only gives visual stability but also can be used safely without accidents against external factors. The lower part of the equipment automatically returns to the center position like a roly-poly, so it does not fall down even though it is curved, thereby ensuring safety.

Exercise + Rehabilitation Equipment

It was designed based on the principle of Aquatic Therapy and has white as its basic color, which is the symbolic color of the water. In addition, in order to convey the traditional feeling of Korea, a five-color wave was added to the lower part of the device to emphasize the symbolism of recovery along with aesthetics to express dynamism as an exercise device. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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