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October 20, 2021[INQ. NO. 2110C17] Block Garden is a patented concept product that can be combined with blocks and also between flowerpots. It can be customized as a desk or office flowerpot by using a custom kit and blocks. The combination of lava figures and blocks can offer the user something new every day.
It is easy to water plants and changes water by using the patented technology of the block potted plant, and anyone who knows the block can use it (over 6 years old).
A combination of block pots and blocks enables one to customize according to the space one desires, and it can be made into a cell phone stand or calendars using blocks.
Block Garden, founded in 2018, is a start-up located in a youth startup center in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea, which is famous for exporting flowers and cactus. In 2020, it obtained a patent for a block potted plant that can be combined with all blocks produced in the world, and has developed a plant kit that enables customization of block pots and easy planting to expand the market with block pots that make gardening easy and fun for all generations who know blocks.

Gardening Kit

Currently, the company is targeting online sales and the B2B souvenir market, while planning to expand the sales channels to offline large-scale marts, convenience stores, and offline retailers related to gardening by acquiring character licenses.
In 2021, Block Garden acquired a license for Larva, a famous animation character, to prepare for market expansion and export, and is currently preparing to produce new planting kits and block figures with the Larva character.

Gardening Kit

The company is targeting all countries and markets that know blocks, preparing to expand into unique and interesting interior products that can produce a variety of planters in the home gardening market, which is growing rapidly due to Corona, with innovative products in new sizes.

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