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Intestine Exercise Belly Fat Care | Korean Products

October 21, 2021[INQ. NO. 2110C28] Modern people are suffering from irregular eating habits due to excessive work, abdominal obesity due to consumption of instant food, adult diseases, and chronic constipation. Moreover, the population of abdominal obesity is on the rise due to lack of regular exercise.
Conventional electric massagers provide a constant and simple repetition of movements by using a simple rolling mechanism.
SHEAN is the only product that can help the bowel movement with sequential rotational acupressure according to the natural digestive system movement of the intestine, by using the “smart acupressure,” a finger-pressing type massaging system with a acupressure stick.
It is made applying an ergonomic acupressure system in which various acupressure rods perform acupressure with a natural biorhythm to stimulate the intestines.

Intestine Exercise Belly Fat Care


With acupressure technology combining the acupressure system of Oriental medicine as well as an ergonomic acupressure system that uses the natural biorhythm of intestinal movement, anyone can easily and comfortably perform acupressure on the abdomen. In particular, 4,500 times acupressure with a finger-massage effect can keep the upper abdomen, navel area, and lower abdomen healthy.
Depending on the degree of subcutaneous fat in the abdomen, the user can exercise and manage easily by selecting the appropriate acupressure from five types of acupressure sticks. The output voltage is DC 12V, and the weight of the main body is reduced by about 1kg.

Intestine Exercise Belly Fat Care

SHEAN Co., Ltd., a company specializing in health care, has developed, produced, and supplied the world’s only traditional Oriental medicine abdominal acupressure massager using Korean technology, which goes beyond the conventional simple rolling-type massager by using the smart acupressure system for bowel movement.

Intestine Exercise Belly Fat Care

Based on 30 years of successful development and accumulated expertise and experience in various small and healthy home appliances, SHEAN is producing unique and original products.
This product is ready for export by obtaining global certifications such as FCC, CE, and PSE, and, while being ready for immediate responses by obtaining additional certifications if necessary. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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