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October 21, 2021[INQ. NO. 2110C26] Conventional tent/tarpaulin poles have durability problems because they are circular shaped pipes. But our MT™ Aluminum Camping Tarpaulin Pole features strong durability using octagon-shaped pipes, and enhances durability and softens the product surface through the anodizing method. It can withstand loads of up to 267kg. And by making upper/ lower caps out of diecasting, they minimize corrosion problems.
When adjusting the height of the poles, it can be adjusted and fixed in height without pressing the button. The height of the poles can be adjusted by raising and lowering the outer pipe.

Leisure Items

In the case of the existing poles, it is difficult to press the button while wearing the tarp on the pole, so it was installed by setting the height in advance and inserting the pole into the tarp hole. However, Our poles do not need to press the button, so it`s easy to adjust the height even if you install it after inserting a pole to the tarp without having to set the height in advance.

Leisure Items

Even users who are unfamiliar with product manipulation can also easily adjust the height. Its functional advantage is that there are currently no products with similar features anywhere in the world.
Currently, domestic design application (’21. July), patent registration (’21. September), and overseas PCT application (’21. March) have been completed.

Leisure Items

Meoktong Corp. has been manufacturing and selling aluminium camping tarpaulin poles equipped with metal spring buttons. Its products are being sold via online shopping malls, B2B platforms and CrowdFunding.

Leisure Items

In addition, the company has been participating in both online and offline overseas exhibitions and trade business conferences to promote the product`s functions to all interested buyers. Meoktong has acquired four domestic designs, one PCT application, and one domestic patent registration.
Currently, Meoktong is dealing with 20 camping goods distributors located in North America, Canada, Japan, and Australia. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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