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October 25, 2021[INQ. NO. 2110C57] SCLEANMASTER PolyFlex Gloves are superior in terms of function and performance to existing poly gloves.
This product is made from a combination of elastic materials produced domestically and they are more elastic and comfortable compared to the existing LDPE gloves. They are also powder-free.
Unlike general vinyl gloves, DA gloves are not slippery and do not make a crackly sound. These products have a nice soft texture and ensure a tight fit to the hands. These FDA-certified gloves also obtained approval in Korea as a medical device.
Customers can save time looking for gloves with the best size and color as they come in different colors according to the size. One of the biggest benefits of these gloves is that they have affordable prices, which can help customers save money and secure safety inventory.
Also, wearing these gloves helps prevent accidents that happen when users only wear one pair of gloves and do not realize there’s a hole. They work best when worn together with protective gloves, are affordable, and are safe from any cross infections.

Medical Gloves

Established in May 2020, MKPARTNER Co., Ltd. is supplying medical gloves and cold chain transport boxes to hospitals and public health centers. The bed cover holds a patent, and patents are pending for various products including cold chain boxes.

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