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October 25, 2021[INQ. NO. 2109C22] Medi-Change Luxury Rose Cream Modeling Pack is made with natural rose extract as the main ingredient, which is rich in whitening and moisturizing factors. Containing skin-friendly natural moisturizing ingredients, such as western rose extract and licorice root extract, it provides intensive moisture and nutrition to the skin, adding vitality and radiance to the skin.
The Medi-Change Call Modeling Pack contains various active ingredients, including tea tree extract that purifies pores and instantly soothes irritated skin to give a cool and comfortable feeling to skin.
Yunamiin Repairing Cover Cushion is a triple functional product that protects the skin from UVA and UVB that cause stress to the skin. It forms a nourishing moisturizing film on dry and sensitive skin to keep the skin moist and healthy, while the skin-friendly natural moisturizing ingredients fill the skin thoroughly and create a bright and even skin tone and skin texture without any disturbance, helping makeup to last for a long time.
Launched in 2017, Yang’s Store is a brand developed to provide nutrition to damaged skin through various tests by skin experts and researchers.


Medi-Change Luxury Rose Cream Modeling Pack


Yunamiin Repairing Cover Cushion

Containing natural plant ingredients such as rose, aloe, and peppermint, it keeps healthy and ideal skin conditions by undergoing clinical trials by skincare experts. In particular, tea tree oil is excellent for curing acne and removing various germs.

The Medi-Change Call Modeling Pack
The brand is currently expanding into the global market by acquiring certifications including China’sNational Medical Products Association (NMPA) ) and Russia’s Eurasian Conformity (EAC). | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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